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Fresh Film! + Food Combining

Went to U of T tonight to watch a screening of a film called Fresh, about food production. It was really nice to be in a small room with maybe 15 people max, rather than a large movie theatre. I thought it was a better executed film than Food, Inc (whose book supplement was actually a more worthwhile contribution, IMO). I really enjoy learning about food production, and it has inspired me to seek out some locally grown food in Toronto – I also think it will be cheaper than certified organic, which is what I have been buying lately, and it sounds like fun to buy local in general. I have been checking out Local Food Plus, a Canadian local food directory. I’m going to try to find some food cooperatives in TO.

I’ve also been thinking about food combining and generally trying to decode it. I must be doing okay so far – my digestion has been totally regular/awesome so far.  It seems like the general rules are:

1. Eat fruit alone & on an empty stomach

2. Veggies can be eaten with anything (non-starchy)

3. Do not mix starch, protein, or nuts

Would chickpeas be considered a protein? I am SO bummed about the not mixing starches and protein thing, bummer! One of my favourite taste combinations. I am going to try to find some sort of recipe that fills the craving for that kind of taste combo. Also wondering how long the wait is between food groups – I’ve seen anywhere between 2-5 hours posted around the net. I like to snack and I don’t want to just have the same snack combination all day! I guess I’ll just have to try it out and see what works for my body.

Does the fruit by itself thing mean that having soy milk or almond milk in a smoothie is a bad idea? Is it safer to just mix smoothies with water? Kind of curious if anyone has any ideas about this, since I’m kind of trying to figure out what the specific rules are, it’s a bit foggy to me right now! I’ve been really stressing out about ‘getting it right’ and planning meals, and consequently losing some sleep. My thoughts go so fast I just can’t keep up. If anyone has any good links on food combining (explained simply, preferably for vegans or raw vegans), please link me!

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