Twenty-something. F. Toronto. Vegan exploring fitness, healthy eating & raw foods, on a busy schedule in a busy city ♥

Greetings + Salutations!

So for a while I’m just going to be talking to myself, and I’m 100% okay with that. I’m a twenty-something vegan with IBS, living in downtown Toronto.

I’m a student and on a very busy schedule, so I need to learn how to make things that are easy and effortless. I made this blog for myself, to learn how to cook stuff that doesn’t come from a package – I figured that one way to do this is to become involved in the community of (particularly raw) vegan bloggers! Right now I’m kind of on my own – my partner (who I live with) is not into cooking and subsists on junk food, and I am sick of going the processed vegan food route. Feel free to suggest any simple, tasty recipes!


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